Virtual VBS for GrownUp Girls® 2016

by | Jun 5, 2016 | Christin's Blog Posts, Virtual VBS for GrownUp Girls

It’s my favorite time around here… time for Virtual VBS (Vacation Bible School) for GrownUp Girls® — our annual summer Bible study!

Over the last few years, we’ve spent a Summer in the Son (the Gospel of John), dived into Waves of Mercy (the book of Jonah), and talked about Holding on to Hope When Life Is Hard.

This year, from June 20th – July 29th, we’ll be exploring “the hymnbook” or “the prayerbook” of the Bible:

Summer in the Psalms

For centuries, Christians have believed that God gave us the Psalms to teach us to pray… after all, Jesus prayed them first! First, when He inspired them AND first (before us) when He prayed them during His earthly ministry…

There’s so much we can learn about Jesus in the Psalms — so much we can learn about prayer. There’s such beauty in the praise and worship, such encouragement, comfort, and strength.

And we won’t shy away from the touchier topics. There are answers to our questions about a good God allowing such suffering and pain, about blessing and cursing, and praying those angry prayers…

Over the next couple weeks, I’ll be sharing more details, but for now here’s what you need to know:

Summer in the Psalms 411:

Who: You and me and as many friends as we can find! Though our study is online, some like to organize their own small groups to get together in person, once a week or so. (Let me know if you do — I’d be happy to Skype in and say hello.)

What: A free six-week online Bible study of the Book of Psalms

When: June 20th-July 31st, 2016

Where and How: Mostly here on the blog.* I’ll post new devotional readings, suggested Scripture reading, memory verses, and journaling / discussion questions on Mondays and Thursdays. And of course, because it’s VBS, sometimes there’ll be a recipe or craft day — just for fun :) (Since our VBS is virtual, you do your part whenever it works for  you — there’s no set time of day.)

***NEW: In the past, you didn’t really need to sign up for anything. You could just remind yourself to stop by here each week; regular blog subscribers get all new posts automatically. And you can still do it that way, if you like.

But some friends have asked for a way to sign up for VBS only (not ongoing blog posts) — or want a way to say “Hey I’m here! I’m participating!” So this year, we’ve got a special signup form:

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Even if you are already a blog subscriber, please use this form to join VBS — I’ll try to make sure you don’t get duplicate emails; I DO want you to get the extra goodies I’ll be sending only to the friends on this list!

If you have any questions, just let me know… I’m so looking forward to our special time together!

Warmly (it’s already in the 90s here in Florida),