Pin Quotes

I love to collect great quotes and share them in my writing and speaking. Over the years, I’ve taken some of my favorites and created these pins for my own Inspirational Quotes board and Scripture board on Pinterest … if you like them, you’re welcome to pin them on yours! (Check out each week’s blog posts for more – so many more!)

Quick Note #1: Be sure to CLICK ON THE IMAGE YOU WANT TO PIN so that it appears in its full-size on your screen BEFORE you pin, otherwise you’ll be pinning the thumbnail preview! :)

Quick Note #2: When this site was first launched, it was called (after my book series, including What Women Should Know About Facing Fear and What Women Should Know About Letting It Go), which is the credit line you’ll see on some of the pictures. For a bunch of reasons, I’ve been transitioning to just using my name — — and I’ll be editing and updating the graphics as I can. But either web address will always bring you back here.