Happily Ever After

Our Love Story

Many people have asked us to share our love story — God brought us together in a truly amazing way, long after we’d both begun to give up hope that we would ever find each other…

It had been a long time coming, so long that — honestly — I thought God might just have called me to surrender the dream of sharing my life with someone forever… to leave it on the altar, where it would stay, without ever receiving a resurrection.

At the invitation of a friend, I wrote a guest blog post in the fall of 2014 on what it’s like to trust God in your singleness, when that season continues for decades (and not just a few minutes) — More Than Enough.

And then right before Christmas in 2015, to my utter shock and amazement, it happened.

On An Ordinary Day, I met the man I would marry! (This is how I shared the news on my blog.)

Here’s how we shared Our Love Story together on our wedding website on The Knot.

During our engagement, I wrote a guest post for (in)Courage on what Andrew and I were learning about each other through our different but complementary personalities / “happiness” styles — Wondering, Dreaming, and Learning.

We were married in January of 2017. So many people had been wishing and hoping and praying and waiting all these years along with me. (The same for Andrew, with his friends.) They’ve been throwing parties and parades ever since — all of us celebrating the goodness of God, His extraordinary timing, His miraculous intervention, and His great sense of humor. We’re so very grateful!