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I love speaking at women’s retreats, banquets and brunches and teas — calling women to a deeper life. I love encouraging women who love Jesus to walk closely with Him, learn from Him and lean on Him, so that they can experience a richer, deeper, more meaningful relationship with Him. It’s been my passion and my calling for as long as I can remember.

Women’s ministry events bring together women from all different walks of life, different generations – even different denominations. We take time out of our daily lives to sit at Jesus’ feet, offering Him our love and devotion. We also share our hearts with one another. We share our stories – our joy and our pain. We encourage one another, support one another, and strengthen one another. Through corporate worship, prayer, and Bible study, we find hope and healing. We are refreshed and renewed.  And— like the woman at the well — we invite our friends who have yet to meet Jesus to “Come and see!” (John 4:29)

I love it — I really do! And if I can serve Jesus by serving you and the women in your community, I’d love to!

What people are saying…

“Christin has a wonderful gift for sharing Biblical wisdom that applies to women in any age or season of life! Her warm-hearted way of sharing personal stories mixed with profound truth is both inspiring and engaging. We have been blessed as a church to have her for two retreats which have included women from their late teens to early eighties and every age in between — and we look forward to having her back again in the future!”

Colleen Bailey

Women’s Ministry, Faith Baptist Church

Most Popular Topics

Come Away

Feeling worn out? Burned out? Stressed out? Discouraged or distracted? Jesus invites us to come to Him and find rest in Him — but sometimes that seems easier said than done! Yet there are some very simple ways we can learn to “practice the presence of God” — to draw fresh comfort and strength from His Word. Together we’ll learn how to refresh, renew, and revitalize our relationship with Christ.

Live Fearlessly

Imagine what life could be without those anxious thoughts, nagging worries, and crippling fears! Scripture shows us how to break free from fear’s destructive power. Together we’ll identify unhealthy responses to fear and discover more effective strategies, finding courage to face our fear and conquer it. We’ll learn to experience the ‘perfect love that casts out fear’ and know true Peace.

Let It Go

What’s holding us back, keeping us from living the life we were created for? Scripture shows us how to recognize and break free from unhealthy thought patterns, attitudes, and behaviors, learn what we can from past failures and mistakes – and then learn to let them go! Together we’ll learn to hold on tight to the grace, the peace, the joy, the hope, and the freedom that is already ours in Jesus!

A Way With Words

With the words we speak, we exercise great power and influence — power and influence God has given us to make a difference in this world. But “with great power comes great responsibility.” Together we’ll explore what Scripture teaches about using our words wisely.

The Way of the Cross
Lent / Easter

The way of love and devotion, suffering and sacrifice, faith and hope and joy — this is the way of the cross. The women who were the first witnesses to the passion of Christ walked this way — and have so much to teach those of us who walk with Him today.

The Three Wise Women
Advent / Christmas

Mary, Elizabeth, and Anna played such an important part in the very first Christmas story. Each of these three “wise women” — each in a very different age and stage of life — serves as a shining example to all who seek Jesus today.    

Other topics include:

  • Holding on to Hope When Life Is Hard
  • For Such a Time as This (Wisdom for Women from the Story of Esther)
  • Better Together (A Celebration of Friendship)
  • Abiding in the Vine (Staying Connected to Christ)

Each of these talks is available as a single presentation or a 2-4 session retreat, and ALWAYS tailored to the specific audience and event. (Titles too!) Of course, if you have something else in mind — another topic or theme — please just ask!

If you are looking for some creative inspiration or ideas for your next women’s ministry event, check out my Women’s Ministry Board on Pinterest.

Women’s Ministry Events

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What people are saying…

“It was an absolute pleasure to have Christin share ‘The Three Wise Women’ at our Ladies Christmas Brunch. She brought such a wonderful new perspective to the Christmas story. We’ve had so many positive comments ever since!”

Christi Shinn

Women’s Ministry Director