Hi I’m Christin Ditchfield. For thirty years it’s been my passion: calling believers to a deeper life. The life we long for, the life we were created for… a life of faith, passion, and purpose.

Over the years I’ve met so many people like me: people who love Jesus, but sometimes feel overwhelmed or distracted or disconnected from Him.

Together we’re learning to hear His voice above the noise, learning to answer His call. We’re discovering what it looks like to grow in His grace. We’re figuring out how to follow hard after Him — in those moments when we so desperately feel our need of Him, and in the moments when we don’t.

And we’re sharing what we’ve learned with one another, cheering each other on, as we discover new ways to walk with Him on a daily basis. We’re coming to know Him better, experiencing  richer, deeper, more meaningful relationships with Him.

Won’t you join us?