Hi, I’m Christin!

I’m an author, speaker, and Bible teacher. I’m also a certified prayer labyrinth facilitator. For seventeen years, I hosted an internationally syndicated radio program called Take It To Heart!®

I love Jesus and I’m passionate about learning and growing in my relationship with Him. Through my writing and speaking, I love sharing what I’ve been learning with others. I want to encourage them to experience more of His love, His peace, His joy, His strength, His mercy and grace…

Looking Ahead 

What’s New and Coming Soon…

It’s a busy summer season! I’m currently working on four new book projects, all of them on discovering ways that Biblical truths in classic novels can powerfully impact our spiritual formation. In June, I’m speaking in Louisville, KY, at Triennial — the international conference of The Order of the Daughters of the King.

From July 5 – August 2, I’m once again hosting   Virtual VBS (Vacation Bible School) for GrownUp Girls!®  Women from all over the world participate in this online study. We always have such a sweet time, encouraging one another to grow in our love for Jesus and His Word. This year we’re exploring the powerful prayer in Ephesians 3:16-21. Click here to join the Facebook group, if you haven’t already. You can learn more about VBS and past years’ studies here

What’s in a name?

Sometimes I’m asked…

Is it Christin Ditchfield? Christin Lazo? Christin Ditchfield Lazo? Yes! When I met my husband, I was already decades into a career and ministry as Christin Ditchfield. I still write and speak under that name, so people can find me. But I was delighted to take Andrew’s name legally, and I use it in my personal life. I also use it professionally when we speak together — or in environments where he is well-known as an author, scholar, and priest — and it’s helpful to people to know that we’re married. 

New Release

Grace for the Race

A brand new nine-week health and wellness Bible study!

In so many ways, this life is like an epic race—a marathon, not a sprint! We need grace to go the distance—grace and strength and courage and faith. Discipline and determination. Hope and patience and peace.

The good news is that God promises to give us all these things and so much more, as well as His presence. He will be with us every step of the way and promises that one day we will cross the finish line in victory!

In Grace for the Race, we’ll explore God’s precious promises and many other powerful truths from Scripture we can apply to our health and wellness journey and to every other challenge, obstacle, or adventure we face. We’ll also learn that everything we encounter can become an opportunity to experience more and more of God’s amazing grace.

Speaking Events

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What people are saying…

“While planning a retreat for my women’s ministry, I knew I wanted an engaging speaker who would not only connect with the audience but also share solid Biblical truths. Christin provided everything that I had hoped for and more. She taught a number of workshops in addition to her keynote and connected one-on-one with attendees over the course of the event. She was an amazing source of knowledge for me throughout the entire conference process. I’m so thankful for her incredible expertise and gifting!” 

Jennifer Kostick

Founder and Director of The Mercy Retreat