Count Your Blessings: A Grown-Up Scavenger Hunt

by | Oct 26, 2015 | Christin's Blog Posts

It’s that time of year… many of our friends will be swapping gratitude challenges on Facebook, posting favorite verses or pledging to share certain number of things they’re thankful for each day in November — which is awesome!

We know from studies done in the fields of science, medicine, psychology, and religion, and from our own experience that choosing to be thankful, to count our blessings, is one of the most powerful, most life-changing decisions we can make each and every day.

And of course, God says to. A whole bunch of times. Because He knows how He made us, and the perspective we desperately need — and lose so easily.

A couple of years in a row, I’ve created journaling printables for the month of November, to encourage myself and my readers — my friends — to keep count of all our blessings, all the many things we have to be thankful for.

This year, just for fun, I thought maybe I’d offer something different. Similar, but different. A Grown-Up Scavenger Hunt! A list of 30 different types of blessings that we can keep our eyes open for in the next month.

Count Your Blessings Scavenger HuntHunt

The idea isn’t to go down the list in order, but to mark off what you can, whenever you find it. If you get one a day, awesome. If you get busy and forget for a day or two, and then find three things on the same day, great!

(If you get fifteen on the first day and ten on the second, you’re…. really competitive! And kind of missing the point. And you don’t actually get points for finishing first. But there are some “BONUS” items…)

Gratitude Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Some of the blessings are kind of broad categories  — I tried to come up with things that ANYONE could find, regardless of their family circumstances or lifestyle or region of the country or mobility.

In my first draft, I had space for you to write down exactly what you find and how and when, but that made it much too long for a printable that’s meant to hang on the fridge. (You could still scribble it in somewhere on the page or in your journal!)

Some of the blessings are more, well, light-hearted… while others are a little deeper, a little more significant. Some shouldn’t be hard to find at all, and others …. I’m certain that they happen every day, all around us. But do we notice them?

That’s the thing.

If you want to particpate in our November Scavenger Hunt (aka Count Your Blessings Challenge), here’s what you need to do:

  1. Click on the link at the end of this sentence for the free printable — the list of things you’re looking for, then read through the list, and get ready: 30 Things to Thank God for This November
  2. Pray before you begin on November 1st. You may know where it’s likely you’ll find some of the things on the list right away, while others may seem more challenging. But even with the “obvious” ones, don’t take them for granted, that you know what or where they’ll be. Ask God to surprise you. Ask Him to open your eyes to blessings you haven’t seen, to things He’s doing all around you that you haven’t even noticed. And yes, ask for His help with the harder things. Eyes to see, ears to hear, a heart to understand.
  3. Feel free to come back here or share with me on Facebook or Twitter the things you’re finding as you find them — I’d love to hear — and to cheer you on! And of course, you’re welcome to invite your friends and family to join us. Truly the more, the merrier!

Looking forward to searching out His blessings and singing His praises together this November!

A Wonderful Day Maya Angelou