What’s In A Name?

by | Sep 28, 2014 | Christin's Blog Posts

I think I need to make an announcement… I’m not sure if I do. But I don’t want anyone to be confused. Any more than they already have been, that is. Maybe I should start at the beginning…

Forgive me! I promise I’ll keep it brief :)

A little over a year ago, I launched my very first blog / personal ministry website — this one! Before, I’d just used my radio ministry website (www.TakeItToHeartRadio.com), but because my radio show isn’t strictly for women, I didn’t feel like I could focus the site on women’s ministry …  though women’s ministry is about 90% of what I do.

Clearly it was long overdue!

I thought my blog needed to have a name — a lot of great blogs do! So I gave it the name of my latest book series, “What Women Should Know.” I was thinking of the Scripture where Jesus says if we hold to His teaching, we’ll know the Truth and the Truth will set us free. That seemed like a great theme, for both the books and the blog.

But this site also functions as my home base for my writing and speaking ministry as a whole: “Christin Ditchfield ~ Calling Women to a Deeper Life.” (Not “What Women Should Know Ministries.”) It encompasses a lot more than “What Women Should Know.”

“What’s in a name?” as Shakespeare said. In the grand scheme of things, it really doesn’t matter. It’s not that big of a deal.

But some people were getting confused. I was getting confused, trying to articulate who I am and what I do — which I have to do on a fairly regular basis. It’s part of what it takes to do this kind of ministry, the ministry God’s called me to.

Sooooo…. I’ve decided I’m just using the name that Jesus and my parents gave me and dropping the “What Women Should Know” title. Not the book series!!! (New one comes out in March!) The name of my blog.

From now on when you type in WhatWomenShouldKnow.org, it will take you to ChristinDitchfield.com. And the emails you get will say from “Christin Ditchfield” instead of “What Women Should Know.”

Nothing else has changed… I mean, lots of things have changed. They’re always changing :) I’ve added lots of pictures to my “Meet Christin” page and updated my “Speaking” page. I’m constantly learning how to make the site feel better and function better for the women who use it.

But I’m not changing the focus of the blog or the content of the blog… still sharing with you the things that I’ve learned, the things that have encouraged or inspired me in my own walk with Jesus that I hope will encourage or inspire you, too!

Even with the steep learning curve, all the obstacles and hurdles and bumps in the road, I’m so glad He led me to connect with you here. It’s been so special to be able to share together, pray for one another, and stay connected throughout the year.

THANK YOU for being here!!!