The 411 on Summer in the Son

by | Jun 8, 2013 | Virtual VBS for GrownUp Girls

Our adventure begins on Monday! Here’s everything you need to know about Virtual VBS for GrownUp Girls: Summer in the Son…

The 411 on Summer in the Son: Free Online Bible Study

What: An online Bible study

When: June 10th – August 11th, 2013

Where: At the corner of and wherever you are!

Why: To “soak in the Son,” to have a fresh encounter with Jesus.

How: Each week we’ll read 2-3 chapters of the Gospel of John.

On Mondays, I’ll post which chapters we’re reading and suggest a memory verse for each week.

On Mondays & Wednesdays, I’ll post some devotionals / teaching based on what God is teaching me, and on Fridays I’ll post some questions for further study and reflection.

In the comments section after each post, we’ll talk — like we’re sitting around the picnic table, making crafts and sharing what’s on our hearts. We might even post some craft ideas or links to our favorite worship songs!

Who: You! Me! And as many friends as we can get to join us! The more the merrier.

NOTE: There’s no registration… you don’t have to sign up anywhere to participate. But you may want to subscribe to the blog via email or RSS (see the top right corner of this page) so that you don’t miss any posts.

On my Facebook page in my photo album, you’ll find a Summer in the Son cover photo you’re welcome to use if you like. (I’m using it myself as my cover photo on my personal page.) On Pinterest, I have a special board for Summer in the Son — you can already see the pins I’ve made for each of our memory verses… with more free goodies, printables, and downloads to come!

The Gospel of John: The Beloved Disciple says he wrote his own gospel, his own account of the good news, “that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in His name.” (20:31) He chose to highlight the aspects of of Jesus’ earthly ministry — the signs — pointing us to this eternally life-changing, life-saving truth.


Got any questions about our Virtual VBS or about the Gospel of John? Just ask!