Why You Won’t Get An Argument From Me

Why You Won't Get An Argument From Me by Chrisitn Ditchfield

When I was a teenager, I was full of passion for truth and righteousness. Churches were doing lots of studies on personality types and spiritual gifts, and I was off-the-charts “justice-oriented” vs. “mercy” or “goal-oriented” vs. “people-oriented” or whatever the term for “black-and-white thinker / prophet / exhorter / teacher.” Which is great if God […]

What Every Woman Should Know

There’s a word that’s been ringing in my heart lately, a constant theme, a steady refrain. At times I barely notice it. It’s in the background. I catch myself humming it softly, now and then. Other times, it breaks into my thoughts, bursts in my ears, drowns out the sound of everything else. It started a few […]