In the School of Pain: Passing the Test

“Life consists of learning lessons and passing tests.” ~ Francis Frangipane I broke my leg again this week. Stress-fractured it. Again. (Sometimes I say “knee,” because that’s where the fracture is — at the top of the tibia, where it connects with my much-operated-on knee.) The first time was in February of this year. I […]

Beyond Being Still

This last week I’ve been wrestling with a lot of the not-so-noble-and-inspirational aspects of suffering. Some of you know what I mean… I fractured my knee a couple of weeks ago, and I’m on crutches now until May.  In constant pain. Not sleeping well. Having to cancel all kinds of things on my calendar I […]

Every Day, We Get to Choose

You know what they say about best-laid plans? On Friday I was going to participate for the first time in Lisa-Jo Baker’s fun Five Minute Friday blogging exercise… she gives you a word and you write whatever’s on your heart, whatever comes to mind… for five minutes. And then you share it. It’s amazing how […]

Designer Fragrance

Do you know how perfume is made? Designing a new fragrance is a complicated process involving a combination of various oils, herbs, and spices. And of course, flowers. To make the most of a flower’s fragrance, you have to crush it. When the petals are crushed, broken open, pulled apart, that’s when the truest, richest, […]