Ten Ways to Get Going on God’s Adventure for Your Life!

Guest Post by Pam Farrel

You know that friend who has such a heart for God and always seems to be on the same page as you are, when it comes to ministry — sharing a lot of the same passion and vision — but with her own unique perspective? That friend you keep “amen-ing,” as she shares the kind of wisdom and insight […]

Praying for the Persecuted Church

The last few weeks there’ve been so many reports of our brothers and sisters around the world facing persecution… including this one from China: Chinese Christians fight back as government tears down crosses “‘The cross is the glory of us Christians,’ said Cai Tingxu, who left his business in Shanghai to protect his hometown church […]

PrayerWalk: Exercise Your Body and Your Spirit

Last week I shared how I’ve been using my cell phone alerts to remind me to pray more often throughout the day (Finding Time to Pray). Today I’ve invited a dear friend — author,  speaker, and teacher Janet Holm McHenry — to share another way we can be more intentional, more purposeful, more faithful in […]

Finding Time To Pray

Create Your Own Prayer Reminder

I don’t know about you, but I wish I prayed more. I need to pray more. My Facebook feed is full of prayer requests from precious friends and family members. And all of their friends and families. And all of our church families. So many people in need. Including me. But sometimes I forget. Or […]