Why Doesn’t That Comfort Me?

When We Know We're Supposed to Feel Hopeful, But We Just Don't

Dozens of Scriptures remind us that our hope is in Jesus. Our hope is in His salvation. Our hope is in Heaven and our eternal life with Him. Not this world. Not this life. But sometimes (if we’re honest) it doesn’t always seem very comforting. When life is hard, we don’t always find hope in […]

Fun Friday: Great Reads

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We’re at the end of Week Three in a five-week summer Bible study we call Virtual VBS for GrownUp Girls. If we were really at Vacation Bible School together (wouldn’t that be fun!), we would definitely have some time set aside for sharing songs and stories and doing some fun crafts. And snacks… don’t forget […]

10 Reasons To Take Heart!

Could you use some good news today? Some encouragement? Some hope? Do you need to be reminded of God’s Truth — the whole Truth — and nothing but the Truth? Read on and find ten reasons to take heart today: 1. Your life is not meaningless, random, accidental, or insignificant. Every single day you live […]

In My Father’s House

A few years ago, I had the privilege of touring the Holy Land with a group of Christian women journalists. It was an incredible experience! So many familiar Scriptures took on new meaning, as we were able to put them into their cultural and historical and geographical context. Our tour guides were intent on make […]