Super Saturday ~ Virtual VBS FUN! Songs, Movies, Snacks

by | Jul 26, 2014 | Virtual VBS for GrownUp Girls

“The Lord is my strength and shield. I trust Him with all my heart. He helps me, and my heart is filled with joy. I burst out in songs of thanksgiving.” Psalm 28:7

This summer here on What Women Should Know we’re doing a “Virtual VBS for GrownUp Girls” — “Waves of Mercy”  — an online Bible Study of the book of Jonah. If we were really in VBS (Vacation Bible School) all together in one place, we’d be able to sit around a picnic table for hours, munching treats and making crafts and singing our favorite songs at the top of our lungs!

Super SaturdaySince we can’t quite manage that… here’s a fun post with some songs and movie suggestions and snack ideas that sort of go along with our theme. Things you can enjoy with your friends and family or your small group, wherever you are!


Here are some great songs with the same themes we’ve found in the book of Jonah: mercy and grace, repentance, forgiveness, second chances. I’ve put links to various YouTube versions I’ve found (I think they’re all available on iTunes). Special thanks to Shirley, Patricia, and Julie for helping me brainstorm song titles on Facebook!

The Love of God ~ Rich Mullins (“There’s a wideness to God’s mercy…”)

Oceans ~ Hillsong

Father Hear Your Children ~ Steve Green

Rescue Me ~ Selah

Second Chance ~ Hillsong

Mercy ~ Casting Crowns

That’s Where His Mercy Begins ~ Steve Green

Mercy in the Wilderness ~ Steve Camp

Every Move I Make ~ Jennifer Carozza (“Waves of mercy, waves of grace, everywhere I go, I see Your face…”)



There’s really only one Jonah movie I could find: The Veggie Tales version….

Jonah - A VeggieTales Movie







But if that’s not really your style, you could always go for a classic family-friendly movie with an ocean voyage and a shipwreck and people praying on the beach… Swiss Family Robinson!

Or a slightly wackier and less well-known Disney gem (also with an ocean voyage, a member of the Mills family — Hayley this time — and a prophet!) … In Search of the Castaways. Or a movie about second chances … like Bella. Or one with themes of grace and redemption, like Les Miserables.

Swiss Family Robinson (Vault Disney Collection)         In Search of the Castaways         Bella        


My littlest nephews came over this week… I told them about our study and shared the story of Jonah with them, showed them some of the blog posts I’ve been working on. Then I let them help me with this fun ocean-themed treat. They LOVED it!

Jello Aquarium

Jello Aquarium: All you do is pick up a few packets of blue Jello and some gummy (fruit snack) fish at the grocery store — and follow the directions on the Jello package. After the mix has started to set — but before it’s set completely — you gently push the gummy fish in, at different “depths.” (If you do it too soon, they’ll all just sink to the bottom.) The boys particularly loved dividing up all the fish ahead of time and strategically planning which fish would go where… that’s what made a project or play activity for them.

When the Jello was ready to eat, we topped some with whipped cream icebergs and others with crushed cookies or cereal as sand — and some with both, of course.

Later we’ll enjoy some Goldfish crackers and make sandwiches on fish-shaped bread!

I would love to hear your ideas… I know there are lots of other great songs and movies – and maybe even snack ideas — I haven’t thought of! If any come to mind, please share…

(I’m working on a couple of grown-up girl craft projects for one more fun post before our study is through — so I’d love to hear any of those ideas, too!)