Making Space for Grace When You Struggle With Spiritual Jealousy

by | Apr 21, 2015 | Christin's Blog Posts, Letting It Go

The first time I envied someone’s Bible, it was a good thing. I was still new to the high school youth group, still carrying the pristine white King James leather-bound children’s Bible my great-grandmother had given me for my fifth birthday.

His was a Student Bible, with the cover all scratched and beat up, and the corners of the pages curled – because he took it with him everywhere, and not just to church on Sundays. When he flipped through it, I could see all the verses were underlined and highlighted, with notes scribbled in the margins – because he really read it and studied it on his own. I didn’t know anyone under 40 did that.

Though I honestly can’t remember a time when I didn’t know Jesus, seeing that messy Bible was a huge part of my spiritual awakening as a teenager. I was just beginning to realize that it was time for me to take ownership of my faith, my personal relationship with God. It stirred up within me a hunger for Him and His Word.

It wasn’t long before I’d saved up my babysitting money to purchase a Student Bible of my own – and pretty soon, my Bible was a mess, too. A cherished and much-beloved mess.

As the years went by, it literally fell apart, and I transitioned to other Bibles – other devotional and study Bibles, other translations. And frankly, prettier colors and cover designs.

Lately I realized I’ve been feeling a lot of “Bible envy” again. But this time it hasn’t been such a good thing for me….

And I’ll tell you why  —

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Making Space for Grace

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