Getting By With A Little Help From My Friends

by | Jun 10, 2015 | Christin's Blog Posts, Letting It Go

It’s been three weeks since I became a (partially) bionic woman… and it hasn’t been nearly as glamorous as seen on TV. So far, I haven’t leapt over any tall buildings or raced long distances at inhuman speeds to rescue puppies or people in distress.

I haven’t really been out of bed much. Still.

I’m on heavy-duty painkillers that make me woozy and I have my days and nights a bit mixed up. Still. My knee is red and purple, except for the places that are black and blue, and the other places that are green and yellow. I’m on crutches and doing rehab exercises that I think came straight from torture chambers in the Middle Ages. Still.

I’m having to learn to let go of my expectations for my recovery, my plans for the summer, my timetables, my schedules, my to do lists. Still.

But God is good. Still. He is faithful. Still. My friends are praying, still — and calling and writing and messaging me words of Scripture, words of encouragement, words of faith and hope and humor! Blessing my heart. Holding up my arms (Exodus 17:12) Because they can’t hold up my knee…  that would just be silly — and awkward — and painful :)

Some of my friends have actually been blogging this week about What Women Should Know About Letting It Go. And that blesses me, too. I think their words will bless you, too…

Read what Deb Anderson Weaver learned about her own “Endless Expectations” — I could so relate! — and comment to enter her book giveaway!

Deb Anderson Weaver Blog Post Book Give Away

“Letting Go: My Endless Expectations” & Book Giveaway | Deb Anderson Weaver ~ The Word Weaver

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of being interviewed by Jolene Underwood for her very first podcast! It’s just gone live… You can listen to our conversation about writing, about facing fear and breaking free from guilt and discouragement and defeat, and enter to win her two-book giveaway here.


Interview w Author Christin Ditchfield: What Women Should Know About Letting it Go {& Giveaway} | Jolene Underwood ~ Pursuing Hope

And on Recess for Teachers, Vicki Caruana reflects on the end of the school year — what young teachers need to learn to let go of, to find the courage and strength to move forward into the next school year. (Having been a classroom teacher myself for many years, I can so relate…)

Letting It Go ~ Start Anew

Very soon I hope to be at least a little bit back to normal and ready to share some new and exciting things with you… including news about our annual summer Bible study!

But in the meantime, thanks for being here — still!