When Worry Is Weighing On You


“I heard a lovely story of a little boy bending over some tulips in the park, totally oblivious as he smelled them. As he straightened up, a grown-up walking past heard him say, ‘Well done, God!’ And that’s what I do. I go over the lovely flowers in my life that God has grown out of trust. I say, ‘Well done, God!’ That’s great therapy for worry.”

If you haven’t alread

Being Thankful For Our Thorns

…His Name; He forgets not His own.

The gathering together part was lovely – and my little heart loved singing praises to His Name. That “He forgets not His own” was one of those truths that seemed so obvious then.

Of course God never forgets us, never forsakes us, never relaxes His hold on us. He’s GOD. God is good. And God is love.

I remember being vaguely aware that “chasten” was an old-fashioned word for discipline. I’m…

Coming Home For Christmas ~ Virelle Kidder


One day, an image popped into my mind of a beautiful big house with lovely wide porches, all brightly lit at night. There was a party inside with a roaring fire in the hearth, much like the Christmas open houses from my childhood, but there was one important difference.

A Father was seated at the head of this table, His face mirrored love and warmth. Standing on the cold, dark porch peeking in, I knew in an instant this was God’s fa

A Symbol of Love: A Christmas Tradition ~ Gayle Roper

…r. “You might not feel pretty now, but you’re going to grow into something lovely and graceful, just like a butterfly does.”

Shortly after that conversation Chuck and I were shopping in a gift shop where I saw a colorful enameled butterfly just the right size for a ten year old. We gave it to her, and though she seemed less than impressed, I hoped it would remind her that she was special, unique, and was going to break out of her chrysalis…