What Women Should Know About Letting It Go

What Women Should Know About Letting It Go
Series: What Women Should Know
Genre: Christian Living
ASIN: 0891123393
ISBN: 9780891123392

You can choose to let the past define you or confine you, or you can choose to let it refine you. You can also choose to let it go, and leave it behind you.

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About the Book

Release Date: April 14, 2015 ~ Available Now Online and In Bookstores Everywhere!

You can choose to let the past define you and confine you – or you can let it refine you. You can also choose to let it go, and leave it behind you.

Sharing from her own personal experiences and the life-changing truths of Scripture, author Christin Ditchfield helps you:
• Identify the things that are holding you back, keeping you from living the life you long for – the life you are called to, the life you were created for!
• Recognize and break free from your own unhealthy thought patterns, attitudes, and behaviors
• Learn what you can from past failures and mistakes – and then learn to let them go!
• Hold on tight to the grace, the peace, the joy, the hope, the healing, and the freedom that is already yours in Jesus!

Praise for What Women Should Know About Letting It Go:

“If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed with the pressures of yesterday, today and tomorrow, this book is for you. If worry has ever ravaged your heart, rearranged your vision, or clobbered your God-confidence, this book is for you. If you simply need a fresh reminder that God is able to meet you in the sticky messes of everyday life, this book is for you. Don’t miss the message of Letting It Go. It will change your life and the lives of those you love.” ~ Gwen Smith, speaker, worship leader, co-founder of Girlfriends in God, and author of Broken into Beautiful

“This is a book for every woman, because we’ve all been burdened by past hurts, regrets, guilt and disappointment. Christin Ditchfield invites us to let go of what is holding us back, so we can hold onto the One who holds us together. Christin’s teachings are practical, life-giving and soul-reviving. She’s a mentor who points us to true north. Every word of “Letting it Go” is a step in a staircase, bringing us closer to the fullest life, in Christ.” ~ Jennifer Dukes Lee, author of Love Idol


Kendra Smiley“Christin has nailed it again, masterfully encouraging each of us to “Let Go” of the things that impede our walk with Christ and to “Hold On” to what is truly important – grace, peace, and joy.  What Women Should Know About Letting It Go is an indispensable guide that will help you in the challenge! ~ Kendra Smiley, Conference Speaker and author of Live Free: Eliminate the If Onlys and What Ifs of Life and Heart Clutter: What to Throw Away, Give Away, & Keep


Gari Meacham“In a beautiful, almost scandalous way, Christin gives permission to not merely let go of the elusive perfect life – but to relish a life wonderfully flawed but filled with the hope of a Savior. She not only uncovers our fears and need for control, but shows us how to courageously surrender them.  Her words have stuck to my soul.” ~ Gari Meacham, author of Spirit Hunger and the Spirit Hunger DVD series, Watershed Moments, and Truly Fed, President of Truly Fed Ministries and The Vine Uganda


Jenny Lee Sulpizio“In What Women Should Know About Letting It Go, author Christin Ditchfield gives her readers permission to move forward, free from past issues and the emotional baggage muddying their thoughts and distracting their minds–all whilst pointing them to the one relationship that will indeed, set them free: that of Jesus Christ. A must-read!” ~ Jenny Lee Sulpizio, author of For the Love of God and Confessions of a Wonder Woman Wannabe


Carole Lewis“Christin Ditchfield has written a practical, powerful book that will help many  women let go of the things holding them back and hold on to the things that will propel their lives forward.  If you struggle with guilt, discouragement, and defeat, this is the book for you!” ~ Carole Lewis, Director Emeritus, First Place 4 Health, author of Live Life Right Here Right Now


Susie Larson“Christin Ditchfield is no stranger to suffering and she’s deeply serious about her walk with God. She knows Jesus loves her and seeks to live her whole life out of that place. Her new book, What Women Should Know About Letting It Go is chock full of tender comfort, wise advice, and helpful insights that will help you navigate the very real storms you face in this life. Who doesn’t need to let go of hurt, bitterness, and the impossible standards we hold for ourselves and for others? And don’t all of us want to grab a firmer grip on our joy, our freedom, and the healing Jesus offers us? Go on this journey with Christin. She’ll help you travel light and walk free.” ~ Susie Larson, national radio host, speaker, and author of Your Beautiful Purpose



You can let the past define you, confine you, or refine you. #LettingItGo via @AuthorChristin TWEET

You can let the past define you or you can let it go and leave it behind you. #LettingItGo via @AuthorChristin TWEET

We don’t have to live in guilt, discouragement, and defeat. #LettingItGo via @AuthorChristin TWEET

We don’t have to stay stuck in the failures of the past. #LettingItGo via @AuthorChristin TWEET

We have a strong and mighty Savior whose grace is greater than our sin! #LettingItGo via @AuthorChristin TWEET

Hold on 2 grace. Hold on 2 peace. Hold on 2 healing. Hold on 2 hope. Hold on 2 Jesus! #LettingItGo via @AuthorChristin TWEET

She whom the Son has set free is free indeed! #LettingItGo via @AuthorChristin TWEET

Don’t let your wounds turn you into someone you are not. #LettingItGo via @AuthorChristin TWEET

By Your grace, in Your strength, for Your glory, Lord Jesus #LettingItGo via @AuthorChristin TWEET

Check out What Women Should Know About Letting It Go from @AuthorChristin ~ free chapter! TWEET

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