When God Doesn’t Feel Safe

It’s the last day of our Summer in the Psalms together… the last six weeks have flown by. So much has happened in our own lives, the lives of our friends and family, and in the world around us.

Some of us have been talking about the psalms we’ve read – particularly the ones that confidently claim God’s miraculous protection, His divine intervention, supernatural empowerment, healing, provision, or grace.

Sometimes these psalms can be so comforting, so faith-building, so encouraging. But other times…

Well, what if that’s not our experience?

How can we wrap our heads around verses that say we won’t fear, when sometimes we do feel afraid?

Or verses that say no harm will come to us, when harm does in fact come to us? When we do encounter suffering, hardship, heartache, and pain?

How can we reconcile the difference between the wonderful things we know to be true about the nature and character of God – His “great and precious promises” to us – and the awful things we sometimes experience?

When God Doesn't Feel Safe

I think it helps to remember that those who wrote down the words of Scripture, inspired by the Holy Spirit, were living this reality, this conflict, this paradox themselves.

They were living between the now and the not yet. The promise and the fulfillment. The daily and the eternal perspective.

They knew the struggle, and it was as real for them as it is for us.

I do believe there are answers to our questions – even the hardest ones. But I don’t want to be glib or cliché.

I believe there are answers that are true, but not necessarily applicable to our particular situation – and it’s wrong to apply them across the board indiscriminately.

I believe that sometimes more than one answer is correct. There can be more than one meaning or interpretation. It’s “Yes and,” instead of “either /or”…

I also believe some answers we simply

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