Lost in the Land of Longing

“You know what I long for, Lord, You hear my every sigh.” Psalm 38:9 NLT

The Psalms are just drenched —  dripping — with longing. Longing for peace and prosperity. Longing for health and healing.

Longing for deliverance, for victory, for salvation, justification, vindication, reconciliation.

Longing for truth — honesty and integrity. Longing for answers — to fervent prayers and fathomless mysteries.

Longing for hope, for joy and laughter. Longing for the way things used to be — or the dream of what they could or should be. Longing for home, both the one we know here and the home that awaits us in eternity.

Longing for God’s glory. Longing for the day of His appearing. Longing for His wisdom, His guidance, His comfort, His presence.

Lost in the Land of Longing

Like the Psalmist, we live in the “Land of Longing” — and we can feel lost, when our longings are all we see. When they seem to go unfulfilled. When we lose sight of the deeper reality.

Our longings are a gift, given to us by God. And — if we let them — they can serve a powerful, even beautiful purpose.

For one thing, they remind us of the common bond we share… To long, to yearn, is to be human. It’s a part of our condition. And a constant reminder that we were meant for more:

“If I find in myself a desire which no experience this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world.” (C. S. Lewis)

Our longings can draw us to God… and to a richer, deeper experience of Him. He invites us to pour out our hearts to Him and we learn from experience that He is our refuge, our shelter, a “strong tower.”

In time, we begin to see just how many of our longings He does fulfill — how many prayers He answers. We begin to trust Him with the “nos”

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